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BearChess is an independent chess GUI for UCI engines with direct support for chessboards (Certabo and Millennium ChessLink).

Why yet another chess GUI?

Many GUIs support electronic chessboards, but do not use the full potential that chessboards with piece recognition offer. They could be much better used for training or analysis of games and positions.

So the focus of BearChess is more on exploiting the possibilities of the chessboards than being just another GUI. Look at the video tutorials for more details.

Download new version (01 December 2021) at BearChess Online Storage.

Now with....

  • New analyze mode for played games
  • Relaxed mode against any UCI engine
  • Support of Certabo Avatar UCI engines
  • Support of MessChess chess computer emulation by Franz Huber

and many more

Chess puzzle of the day

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  • Certabo
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