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BearChess Tutorials

I offer some video tutorials which briefly explain the functions of BearChess. These will be added more and more.

Video Date
Install a new engine 2020-09-15
Connect with Certabo 2020-11-27
Connect with Certabo via Bluetooth 2021-03-31
Connect with Millennium ChessLink 2020-11-27
Setup a position with eletronic chessboard 2020-11-27
Simple analysis of king and pawn against king 2020-12-09
Configure notation 2020-10-25
Easy withdrawal of chess moves with electronic chessboard 2020-11-09
Game against an engine with a second engine to support 2020-12-08
Simply start a new game from base position 2021-02-01
Continue a game on another day 2021-03-14


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